There were “no real red flags?”

lunaticsI venture to disagree. First, there are some pretty obvious red flags here alone…or at least “coral” flags. Lunatic 1 has the soulless look – aka the I’m-dead-inside look. Lunatic 2 has the looming-withdrawal-from-steroids look, aka the I-actually-did-this-thing-wtf-have-I-done look. Lunatic 3 has the crazed I’d-do-it-again look, aka “at least the skinheads in prison should take me in” look. Had these guys been my coworkers, I’d still have noticed they looked off-kilter, and I’m the least observant person among anyone I know.

Of course, what’s someone to do when someone else looks off-kilter? In a world where social media bans you for clicking ‘like’ on a clever, well-delivered ‘horseface’ joke about a greedy porn star, yet allows others to talk about blowing up the White House or how rich, white men are ruining America and need to be stopped, the average you-n-me is fairly powerless. There are too many liars, attention whores, and fanatics rendering the average joe’s observation meritless.

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