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Let’s Play Lingo Bingo…the drinking game for haters!

Okay, I think we’ve all had enough of the stupid jargon borne from the current state of politics. At some point, we need to find out an outlet for this absurd phenomena. THIS CALLS FOR LINGO BINGO –┬áthe game that unites haters! Not really, because there’s only one card, so everyone wins. Aw, man! I forgot “impeach…” Maybe I’ll make another card. After all, there are plenty of cringe-worthy terms in the pool.


There were “no real red flags?”

lunaticsI venture to disagree. First, there are some pretty obvious red flags here alone…or at least “coral” flags. Lunatic 1 has the soulless look – aka the I’m-dead-inside look. Lunatic 2 has the looming-withdrawal-from-steroids look, aka the I-actually-did-this-thing-wtf-have-I-done look. Lunatic 3 has the crazed I’d-do-it-again look, aka “at least the skinheads in prison should take me in” look. Had these guys been my coworkers, I’d still have noticed they looked off-kilter, and I’m the least observant person among anyone I know.

Of course, what’s someone to do when someone else looks off-kilter? In a world where social media bans you for clicking ‘like’ on a clever, well-delivered ‘horseface’ joke about a greedy porn star, yet allows others to talk about blowing up the White House or how rich, white men are ruining America and need to be stopped, the average you-n-me is fairly powerless. There are too many liars, attention whores, and fanatics rendering the average joe’s observation meritless.